History of CCEU

How CCEU Was Formed

Representation of the Cabrillo College classified employees by SEIU started in 1979, when the classified workers decertified the California School Employees Association (CSEA). The Public Employees Relation Board (PERB) had previously mandated that our bargaining unit would consist of all non-certificated (non-teaching) workers except management, confidential, substitute and short-term employees.

By the end of April 2007, the overwhelming majority of Cabrillo workers, seeking greater independence and local control, voted to disaffiliate from SEIU and organize an independent union, Cabrillo Classified Employees Union (CCEU), which was recognized by the Cabrillo Community College District as the official bargaining agent for the classified workers. By early summer, a lawyer/consultant had been hired to see us through the transition to a non-profit organization, and workers had approved a new constitution.

CCEU Today

CCEU continues as an unaffiliated independent union, and its Board of Directors continues to manage the organization by working to ensure the best interests of its membership. To that end, CCEU has established several committees, including a Member Relations Committee to greet new members and plan social events, an Audit and Budget Committee to oversee finances and prepare reports for the Board and General Membership and a Grievance Committee that works closely with our Union Consultant, maintaining the representation policy, overseeing all steward cases and deciding points of emphasis for contract interpretation.

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