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Staff Development

Classes at Cabrillo and Cabrillo Extension can be paid for with Staff Development funds for CCEU members. Cabrillo Extension offers many great classes to support your professional development as well as personal passions, such as baking, art and more. Here is a list of class options through Extension.

Staff Development Fund Approval Process

CCEU Staff Development fund request form

Cabrillo’s Travel Policy

Prohibition on State-Funded/Sponsored Travel to States with Discriminatory Laws

Professional Growth

The Professional Growth Program is intended to improve employees’ skills and abilities resulting in benefit to the operation of the District. As a publicly funded educational institution, the District supports continuing education that is linked to institutional goals and strategic plans. The Professional Growth Program is designed to reward employees for their efforts to improve job performance and their value to the District. All classified employees in the bargaining unit shall be eligible to participate.

For details visit Appendix C of the contract

Steward Request Form

All CCEU members are entitled to union representation for work place disputes. Please fill out the form so that we can determine what type of assistance to provide.  Please allow 48 hrs for a Steward to respond.

Catastrophic Leave Donations

If you want more information about this resource or are in need of support, contact Chloe Fabbri (chfabbri@cabrillo.edu)

Life Events Support

If you or a colleague are experiencing a life altering event, such as the birth or adoption of a child, marriage, death of a family member, severe illness or injury, and would like this recognized by CCEU please use this Floral Request for CCEU Members form so that we may support you by paying our respects or offering our congratulations. 

Other Perks

See FAQs information about how to use the WEC through the Extension class, Maker Space availability for staff, any other available benefits for staff.